Under / Time

Time is slipping through my hands
I’m overtime, half time
My mind is morphing through states
till I’m out of time in no time

For a while I’ve wondered if wandering’s
waste of time or worth my while 
Oh time, a limit for living
but take your time
Yes take your time


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Foto: Jonas Langset Hustad


Frõ is an experimental duo improvising through electronic music. Together, Frida Blomberg and Ada Hoel join their voices with electronic processing to create their musical landscape.

Henriette Nok

Henriette Nok is an experimental indie-pop band consisting of Henriette Guldberg (vocals and guitar), Birgitte Bjerke (guitar), Lars Okstad (bass) and Ada Hoel (drums).

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Young Voices


Young Voices is a vocal ensemble based in Trondheim which explores improvisation and interplay. Ada co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered their latest EP “Autumn is the New Spring”.

Make SMA History

Make SMA History is an independent awareness film directed by Erlend Glasø Faltinsen for Cure SMA, an organization working to find a cure for spinal muscular athrophy (SMA). Ada did the recording, mixing and mastering for this project.

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Solo - KKXX

Ada performed an improvised solo set exploring loud bass, electronic bleeps and processed vocals at the 20th anniversary of Klubb Kanin at Avant Garden, Trondheim.

Listen to it here!
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foto: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Swamps Up Nostrils & Ada Hoel played together at Trondhjems Kunstforening during Mari Meen Halsøy’s exhibition WOUNDS where she staged a repairing of the wounds after the civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. To illustrate war and the ongoing aftermath they tore fabric apart and captured the sound with contact microphones, processed it and integrated it in their performance.

Listen to it here!
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Martin Lie Svendsen/Dario Fariello/Ada Hoel 

At the event “Å miste seg selv” ("To lose yourself") the musicians got together for the first time on stage to create a spontaneus first meeting concert. Martin Lie Svendsen - banjo and upright bass, Dario Fariello - saxophone, Ada Hoel - voice and processing.

Listen to it here!
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Bachelor Concert

With Håkon Brunborg Kjenstad and Ola Djupvik Ada explored live cross-adaptive processing and auto-adaptive processing at Dokkhuset as part of her Bachelor’s Degree concert. With tools like Max/MSP, Max for Live and Ableton Live they dived into processing themselves and each other in different modes through improvisational playing.

Watch it here!



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